Mr. Red Construct 3 Game with Mobile Admob

2,500.00 2,400.00


This game is a combination of 6 mini hyper casual games and very addictive to play. Game is with Mobile Ads and reward Ads

Try the game Here: GooglePlay

The game has 6 modes
1. Twins
2. Ring
3. Slider
4. Gravity
5. Floater
6. Hop

Twins: This is a simple game-play where you have to avoid the bars by taping on left or right side of the screen but make sure you dont clash any box with those boxes as they rotate in parallel

Ring: This is a one tap game where the ball Bounces when collides to the ring and you have to tap on the other side of the ring to make sure the ball stays inside the Ring

Slider: This is a dragging game where you have to slide the box to left and right avoiding those White boxes falling also you have to collect the points if you miss those then you will loss the game

Gravity: This is a Dart style game where you have to try to hit the Red ball on the edge on the ring but make sure that you dont hit the ring or you will lose

Floater: One touch game play where you have to dodge the White bars and collect the Red points

Hop: Hop game where you have to hop and try to reach to the top and collect the points Remember dont stay too long on on bar or it will fall.